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Canine Dance Theater

The Boogie Woogie BowWows and their dancing dogs are the dog world’s answer to Fred and Ginger.  We offer a fast-paced, family-oriented show set to music.  A dachshund and standard poodle leap, weave, ride a skateboard, and jump through hoops as they cavort with their human partners.  This spectacular act thrills adults and children alike.  The result is a memorable experience for those who watch as well as those who join the dancing dogs on stage.

Our goal is to show children, as well as adults, how much fun live performances can be. The show is choreographed to suit audiences accustomed to the carefully edited action of movies and television.  But unlike film, the BowWows show allows audience members to interact with the performers. We even offer a segment where select audience members may dance with our dogs. We hope people will have so much fun that they'll want to attend other theater shows.

The Boogie Woogie BowWows are available to perform for theaters, family resorts, libraries, schools, shopping malls, and black tie benefits.  Full shows generally run 30 to 45 minutes followed by an audience dance. We also offer shorter shows to suit mall and theater intermissions.  With all shows we require a minimum stage size of 20’ x 25’.  We adapt our performances to suit the audience and venue.

To schedule a show, please contact us at bowwows@chesapeake.net

About Us
The BowWows have performed to packed houses at black tie fundraisers, theaters and community events throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. We've been invited to perform in Europe and England and were featured in Reader's Digest and The Washington Post. Both dogs are certified therapy dogs and have earned Canine Good Citizenships.

Joan Rose and her miniature longhair dachshund Tucker and Lynn Franklin and her standard poodle Sam have won dozens of gold medals and numerous dog dance titles and have appeared on Inside Edition, Animal Story, Dog Fancy’s popular dog series, and in the movies “Paws To Dance” and "The Birthday Caper."

To ensure quality shows, we only accept one or two performances per calendar quarter.  End of the year holidays are our busy season, so please be sure to contact us early.

What's On Our Site
Upcoming Appearances will tell you where you can go to see a show. This is also the place to look if you're interesting in observing our practice sessions on the North Beach Boardwalk. We'll try to list the days we plan to bring the dogs to the boardwalk, so please check back often.

About Our Shows contains details about our shows, sample programs that we've used in the past, and a list of frequently asked questions.

The Stories page includes award-winning stories about Sam, Tucker, dancing dogs, dog training and other topics of interest to dog lovers. Read about how Sam saved his humans from a house fire, about the dogs' national pairs championship, profiles of Tucker and Sam, and more. New articles are added frequently, so again please check back.

In the News includes publicity articles and special announcements.

Dancing Dog Photos and Videos obviously contains photos and additional videos of our dogs. This is an evolving site as we'll be adding more photos and videos of new routines and performances.

Consult the Links page for places to learn to dance with your dog, purchase videos and movies, and other interesting dog-related topics.

We hope you enjoy our site. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions; the dogs love applause, even when given from a distance!


BowWows in Action