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January, 2008

BowWows Perform at Publick Playhouse
We surprised everyone at the Publick Playhouse when the audience kept arriving . . . and arriving . . . and arriving. It was a great crowd, wonderful helpers, and a gorgeous stage. After the dogs danced, we brought several children onto the stage to square dance and to help us lead the rest of the audience in a fun dance performed right at their seats. The dogs had everyone twirling, galloping, and marching. By the end of the show, everyone was laughing.

December, 2007

BowWows Featured in Washington Post
The December 8 issue of The Washington Post included a full length feature about the Boogie Woogie BowWows. The Post printed a photo of Lynn and Sam on the front page of the Metro Section -- in color. The article and additional color photos filled half of the back section! Needless to say, Tucker and Sam were strutting around for days afterwards as friends, neighbors and acquaintences asked them to sign their copy of the newspaper. The Post doesn't keep articles available more than 60 days, but you can read the wire service article by clicking here.

The article went out on the wire services and turned up all over the country, from Alaska to Florida. We felt really bad turning down an invitation to perform in Florida in January; we'd already scheduled a show for that day. Maybe next year . . .

BowWows Perform at National Theatre
The same day that the Washington Post article ran, we did pre-show entertainment at the National Theatre. It was great fun and they even got to dance with National Theatre president Donn Murphy. We're looking forward to doing full shows for the theatre this year.

November, 2007

BowWows Perform in First Dog Variety Show
We were honored to be invited to perform at the nation's first Dog Variety Show. Dogstravaganza was held at the Eastern States Exposition Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. The evening show was set up like a three ring circus and featured some of the country's top professional dog trainers and entertainers such as Johnny Peers and his Muttville Comix, Ken Scarpetta and his Classic K-9s, and canine high-jump record holder Soaring Cindy.

Sam and Tucker were thrilled to get a private dressing room -- which we needed because we were scheduled to perform five separate routines all in full costume! They performed like the professionals they are and happily greeted their fans afterwards.

April, 2007

BowWows Featured in Canadian Reader's Digest . . .
A Reader's Digest article about dog dancing featured Joan, Lynn, Tucker and Sam. Written by award winning writer David Hayes, the article began by describing us performing a pairs routine for top U.K. freestyler Donelda Guy. David quoted Donelda as saying "Of all the doubles routines I've seen, that's one of the best."

And in Japanese Reader's Digest . . .
The Japanese Reader's Digest also ran the story featuring the BowWows. We got a real kick out of seeing that article on the web. Everything is written in Japanese characters -- except our name. Apparently, there's no way to translate Boogie Woogie BowWows.

March, 2007

Lynn Wins Dog Writers of America Award
"Partners in Dance," the article Lynn wrote for the International Parti Poodle Gazette, won the 2006 WCFO Excellence Canine Freestyle Media" Award. Presented by Dog Writers of America, the award honors the best story -- print or broadcast -- about canine musical freestyle for the year. Awareds were presented at the Dog Writers of America's annual meeting in March, 2007. The prize was a lovely trophy that now sits in Sam's training room. Of course, it's surrounded by all of Sam's trophies . . .


BowWows in Action