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Stories by Lynn Franklin

Sam's mom, Lynn Franklin, is a freelance writer. Though she writes about many things, this page of the BowWow web site is devoted to stories for and about dog people. To read a story, please click on the links. We'll be adding new stories periodically, so please check back often. And if you like what you see, please let Lynn know by sending her an email at writerl@chesapeake.net

Dog Stories

Partners In Dance

What were we doing at a national dog dancing competition trying to coordinate twelve feet into a dance? Read more

Our Poodle Hero

When an electrical fire melted all smoke alarms before they went off, it was up to Sam to save his people's lives. Read more

Dog Training Articles

The Civilized Dog: To Bark or Not to Bark

Charlie learned not to bark at everything that walked past the house. But now we needed a guard dog . . . Read more

The Civilized Dog: Greetings

Sometimes a dog can be too happy to see someone. Read more

The Civilized Dog: Foundations for a Happy Home

Learn how Sam and Tucker earned reputations as pros -- and tips for teaching your own dog to behave in public. Read more

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